Tips strength training at home

Do you like to work out whenever it suits you or is the gym not your thing? Then you have probably already considered exercising at home. The right home fitness equipment can help. You are then left with a number of difficult choices, such as: “which fitness equipment do you need for effective strength training at home?” and “don’t they take up too much space?” In this blog we help you with your choice and we conclude with a concrete solution!

What do I need?

What should you take into account when exercising at home? A good workout challenges the entire body. A fitness attribute can help with this. For example, if you are a beginner, and you find exercises with your own body weight too challenging. For the same reason, elderly and rehabilitating athletes can also exercise more effectively with fitness equipment.

The more experienced athletes can use a fitness device to give a training an extra boost by adding extra resistance to his or her training. Do you want to increase your fitness level step by step, and do you want to exercise extra effectively? Then continue reading!

“Kynett ONE is widely used by physiotherapists and top athletes”

Which fitness equipment matches my level?

We often hear that people don’t like to work with dumbbells at all. This can quickly become boring. In addition, it is very difficult to buy the correct weight. It makes no sense to buy too heavy or too light dumbbells. By exercising regularly, your fitness level will improve. Therefore, look for a fitness device that can grow with your level! This way you avoid having to buy heavier weights every month. An additional advantage of a device that has different resistances is that your partner can use the same fitness attribute as you :).

“The resistance of the Kynett ONE depends on your own strength. The harder you pull, the heavier it gets”

But I have no space at home!

Finally, not all of us have the luxury of a spacious home gym. Most of us would already be happy with a small gym at home. So you have to use fitness equipment that takes up little space and is easy to store. Ideally, your fitness item is also easy to take outside, so that you can exercise in the garden or park on a sunny day. Therefore, avoid large and heavy materials that must remain in one place.

“The Kynett ONE is compact, light and mobile. You take it everywhere and store it easily”

Our solution

We have thought carefully about what is important for your effective strength training at home. The result is the best cardio and strength machine: the Kynett ONE. The Kynett ONE works like a yo-yo: the harder you pull, the harder it pulls back. This allows you to determine the level yourself: from quiet and controlled to powerful and explosive!

Because you train your muscles both when pulling (concentric) and when braking (eccentrically), you progress more quickly than with old-fashioned weights. Scientific research shows that you are 28% stronger with the Kynett ONE within 4 weeks.

You can easily place the Kynett ONE in your house, but you can take it outside just as effortlessly. Click here for more information about flywheel training, view the many exercises you can do here, or order the Kynett ONE directly from our website here. Do you have questions? We are happy to help :). Good luck!