An essential accessory for the Kynett ONE is the Squat deck! The Squat deck allows you to do squats and many other exercises such as deadlift, lunges, calf raises, upright row, bicep curl. This multifunctional robust squatdeck can be used for multiple purposes (even without use of the Kynett ONE). It is particularly suitable for physiotherapy and less intensive training.


The Squat deck  is made of steel and has anti-slip features on the top and bottom. The webbing adjust, which comes standard with the Kynett, allows you to shorten the webbing.  Thereby, the Squatdeck can always stay in the same spot, no matter the exercise!


The Squat deck comes standard with the harness


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69 cm


48 cm


16 cm

Totale weight

About 18 kilogram