Squat plate


Expand your Kynett ONE, FIT or PRO with the Squatplate! The Squatplate provides a stable base for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises, upright row and bicep curl.


The Squatplate is made of steel and has an anti-slip provision at the bottom. The included steel bar ensures that the Squatplate does not shift. The Squatplate is also provided with screw holes to fix it to the floor and wall. Screws and plugs are supplied for this. The strap adjust makes it possible to shorten the webbing. This allows the Squatplate to always remain in the same place, regardless of the exercise. The strap adjust comes standard with the Kynett HOME, ONE, FIT, PRO and Kynett ULTIMATE.


The Squat plate comes standard with the harness


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Harness, distance bar.


69 cm


48 cm


16 cm

Total weight

Approx. 16 kilogram