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The Kynett PRO is made of durable and sturdy materials and comes with a solid wall adjust. Because the Kynett PRO is adjustable in different heights, the possibilities are endless. With this innovative way of training, all muscle groups can be trained, needing less than 1,5 square meter of space!

An innovative and effective way to train! With free weights like dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, you mainly train concentrically. This means that you use your muscles to lift the weight. With the Kynett PRO, you experience concentric as well as eccentric resistance.


Due to the fast rotating flywheel, the Kynett PRO will also pull back after you stop pulling, just like a yo-yo. The harder you pull the cord, the harder the flywheel will pull back afterwards. You will have to slow down the flywheel acceleration. As a result, you train not only when pulling (accelerating) the flywheel, but also when deaccelerating it. This creates eccentric resistance, which has been scientifically proven to be tremendously effective in building strong muscles and rehabilitating injuries.


Independent of gravity

Weights are heavy because gravity pulls the weight down to earth. Therefore, you can only train your muscles in one direction, which is opposite to gravity. However, there are a lot of muscles and movements that cannot be trained in this direction. Just think of horizontal movements like a forehand and backhand in tennis, a jab in boxing, or simply throwing a ball. This makes the Kynett PRO suitable for many target groups such as top sports, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, personal training, fitness and sport-specific training. All muscle groups can be trained (eccentrically), both at light and maximal intensities, as well as on speed and power.
Want to read what science has to say about flywheel training? Read it here!


Resistance discs

The weight of the resistance is determined by means of resistance disks. The Kynett PRO comes standard with 2 resistance discs of 4 millimeters and offers the possibility to train with heavier resistance than the Kynett ONE. Resistance discs of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 millimeters are compatible for the Kynett PRO!
Note: The Kynett PRO is designed to hold only 1 disc at the time on each side. You cannot stack the discs!


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Kynett PRO

The Kynett PRO comes with:

Kynett PRO all-in

The Kynett PRO all-in comes with:

Decision aid

  Kynett ONE Kynett FIT Kynett PRO Kynett ULTIMATE
Intensity of use
Light ★★
Medium ★★★
Heavy ★★★★★
Adjustable in height2)
Disc sets compatible2, 3 & 4 millimeterAll disc setsAll disc setsAll disc sets
Squats, Lunges & Deadlift possible3)3)3)
Suitable for Physiotherapy
Suitable for (home) fitness
Suitable for top sport
Suitable for injury prevention
1) ✔ When purchasing Bracket set PRO
2) ✔ When purchasing 2 or more Wall Brackets or a Wall Adjust
3) ✔ When purchasing the Squatdeck ONE

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