Force extender


For the fanatics! In addition to heavier resistance discs, there is now also the force extender to increase the resistance.
The force extender is a simple accessory that even doubles the resistance. By using the physic laws of a pulley, your exercises will become heavier and in the same time the speed will decrease. The force extender can be easily connected and quickly removed.
The force extender comes with a 4 mtr webbing, a carabiner and two mounting rings to attach the Force extender to the Kynett and possibly also to a squat plate.
The 4 mtr. webbing is necessary to make sure that you will have enough length to perform all exercises with the force extender.

The original ribbon (2.5mtr) in the Kynett can be easily exchanged. Watch the “How to” video’s.


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Instruction video Force extender

What's included?

The Kynett force extender comes with:

  • 4 meter webbing
  • Carabiner
  • Two mounting rings
  • Instruction manual