Older adults benefit from Flywheel Training

Unfortunately, muscle strength and -power decrease with aging. This affects daily living, stability, posture and therefore mobility. Research however shows that flywheel training is very suitable for elderly who want to reduce this decrease in strength and power. They can even become stronger and gain better results with flywheel training, compared to “traditional training” with e.g. free-weights.


Aging lowers muscle strength

Muscle strength is associated with a good stability, posture and mobility. Muscle power comes in handy when climbing stairs, rising from a chair and walking. However, both strength and power tend to decrease 1 – 1,5% per year from the ages of 50—70 years old. That is not what we want!


How to prevent muscle strength loss when aging

Literature shows that eccentric strength – the kind of strength needed for flywheel training – decreases more slowly than concentric strength (the kind of strength needed for traditional weight training). This is one of the reasons why older adults are better able to keep exercising with flywheel training than with free-weight training.


How older adults use flywheel training
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Why flywheel training is better than traditional weight training in older adults

This scientific review explains some of the biggest advantages of flywheel training (also known as isoinertial training) compared to regular training. We have summarized those advantages for you:


  • Flywheel training enables adults to apply constant and unlimited resistance through the whole motion. This can lead to greater strength gains when comparing to traditional resistance training.
  • Flywheel training combats sarcopenia more than traditional resistance training, while also improving balance, force and strength.
  • Flywheel training (especially the eccentric movement) costs less energy, while resulting in greater muscle adaptations. This means adults need less oxygen (breathing) and experience lower heart rates during flywheel training.
  • Other benefits shown in literature are: increased tendon stiffness, decrease in cholesterol and increase in quality of life.


Flywheel exercise videos, especially for elderly

Ready to get inspired with some flywheel exercises to start with? Click on the video. A playlist with several exercises especially for elderly will open in YouTube.



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Conclusion of the scientists

Last but not least, let’s finish with the conclusion of the researchers: “Traditional resistance training is limited through the load lifted during the concentric phase. Flywheel training not only overcomes this limitation, but is also poses many other benefits applicable to an aging population.


Don’t allow aging to become your enemy. Maintain fitness, health and quality of life. Try flywheel training now! Check out our flywheel products or get in touch with us.


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