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Video review Kynett ONE by Molab (Human Movement Scientist Loek Vossen). 


“I have been using the Kynett ONE for half a year now, both for myself and in my physiotherapy practice. The benefits I experience are:

  •     Many different exercises are possible with one device
  •     Suitable for training three-dimensionally and specifically for sports
  •     Suitable for a broad target group (athletes, rehabilitation, neurological patients, etc.)
  •     Suitable for full motion exercises, in the final position of the movement the load is minimal, therefore also very suitable for rehabilitation
  •     You train both eccentric and concentric

What I also like is the light weight of the Kynett ONE. You can take the Kynett ONE with you wherever you go and you can use it to train both outside and inside. Due to the compactness also suitable for small spaces. The product fully meets my expectations. A must for every physiotherapist!”
(M.Sc. C.Gerritsen; Health Scientist, Physiotherapist)



“Since my first experience with the Kynett ONE, this fantastic device is increasingly becoming part of my physiotherapy treatments.

The possibilities within the rehabilitation, sport specific training and training with vulnerable target groups (geriatric patients, neurological patients, fall dangerous patients etc ..) are very large. What makes the Kynett ONE unique to me:

  • The possibility to adjust the intensity to the level and the client’s request for help. This is done very quickly and easily by changing the flywheel. The exercises are easy to adjust.    
  • Training with an eccentric overload with variable resistance in relation to the conventional gravity-based training against resistance.     
  • Perform functional motion patterns with full range of motion.
  • The compactness of the Kynett ONE makes the device very suitable for training in confined spaces and on location.

The Kynett ONE is a versatile device that in my opinion meets the requirements of every physical therapist (T. Renckens; Fysiotherapist)


“We use the Kynett for top athletes and clients with a tendon disease at a later stage.”

The advantages are that the Kynett is easy to adjust at height and in gravity and directly engages wherever you want. (H. Slabbekoorn; Sportsphysiotherapist)