Kynett introduces the Kynett ONE
A versatile, mobile and affordable device for flywheel training. The Kynett ONE was developed in collaboration with various (para)medical professionals. The result is a handy and multifunctional training device that can be used to train the entire body in an efficient and proven effective way. The Kynett ONE works like a ‘yo-yo’; the force you put in in the concentric phase is also the force you you will receive in the eccentric phase. With flywheel training, you mainly train the explosive white muscle fibers (type 2). You train optimally in both directions, with an ‘eccentric overload’ at the end of the movement that is greater than with traditional strength training and ensures that you also get stronger in the concentric phase. The ‘eccentric overload’ is mainly a good stimulus for the connective tissue of the muscles and tendons (myofascia). It becomes stronger, which increases the load capacity. Moreover, injuries are almost always located in the connective tissue of muscles and tendons, and not so much in the muscle fibers themselves. Flywheel training is a lot of fun to do and a very welcome variation to well-known (sometimes boring) traditional strength training. With the Kynett ONE, in addition to the conventional exercises, it is also possible to perform exercises tailored to specific sports. Think of things like golf, tennis, boxing and soccer movements.


Proven effectiveness
Flywheel training is a proven effective eccentric strength training for the entire body and a very suitable treatment method in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Common injuries such as hamstring injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, patellar tendonitis, shoulder instability and rotator cuff tendinopathy can be treated well with the Kynett ONE. The Kynett ONE is also very suitable for fall prevention, post-surgery, preventing sarcopenia or people with a CVA. Various studies have shown that flywheel training has significantly more effect on muscle strength, muscle size, jump strength, running speed, and strengthening the connective tissue and tendons. You can find all kinds of exercises that you can do with the Kynett ONE on our Youtube Channel. We’ve even made a playlist with numerous exercises suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purposes, for example the 90º endorotation.


Traditional training vs. Flywheel training
The first chart on the right shows the suboptimal load with traditional training, and the second chart on the right shows the optimal (variable) load with flywheel training. When training with weights, only the last repetitions are at the correct level, and only part of the muscle is effective, and not across the entire movement range. With flywheel training, every repetition has maximum effectiveness, both concentrically and eccentrically. In addition, an eccentric overload can be created. This is exceptional and provides a rapid increase in muscle function and power.



Publicatie Internationaal magazine IJSPT (Jaap Wonders)

Flywheel training in muskuloskeletal rehabilitation: a clinical commentary

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