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Flywheel training

How does flywheel training work?
Flywheel training is a unique development in sport and physiotherapy. Training with a flywheel is also called kinetic training. Instead of traditional weights, the training is done with a rotating disc. In the concentric phase the flywheel starts and accelerates by means of pulling a webbing. When the webbing is completely unwound, the eccentric phase follows; so much kinetic energy has now been built up that the webbing will roll itself up again, just like the well-known yo-yo. The goal is to brake the flywheel in the eccentric phase and then start it up again with a concentric movement.

The difference with traditional strength training
The force that you give in the concentric phase is also the force that you get back in the eccentric phase, which we are not used to in traditional strength training. Because of the constant load you can also get more out of an exercise because you train your muscles more intensively and faster. With flywheel training, every repetition is maximally effective because you can also continue to train at lighter intensity in case of fatigue. With traditional strength training you get to a maximum number of repetitions faster because you will have to release the chosen weights at a certain point. Exercises in flywheel training are also more multifunctional because you always have to stay in balance at the start of the eccentric phase and therefore also have to use your abs.


How do you make the exercise heavier?
With flywheel training you train with relatively light weights. The intensity of the exercise is mainly determined by the speed and not directly by the weight used as with traditional strength training. The harder the movement is started, the heavier the eccentric resistance will be. Three types of resistance discs can be used with the Kynett ONE, ranging from 2 mm thickness (800 gram), 3 mm thickness (1200 gram) and 4 mm thickness (1550 gram). These can be combined aswell used seperately. A maximum of two disks can be connected to the device at the same time. The Kynett ULTIMATE can also use heavier resistance discs of 5 mm thickness (1660 gram), 6 mm thickness (1950 gram) and 8 mm thickness (2550 gram). The weights are not heavy to lift, but they will be heavy if you start to bring them up to speed in the flywheel device.


For which target groups is it suitable?
Kynett is suitable for many target groups such as top sport, rehabilitation, physical therapy, personal training, fitness and sport-specific training. Think of golf, tennis, boxing and soccer movements. You can train light as well as intensively, as well as speed and power.


Various studies have shown that flywheel training has significantly more effect on muscle strength, muscle size, jump strength and running speed. The literature also shows that flywheel training is extremely suitable for injury prevention in soccer players and rehabilitation for patients recovering from a stroke.


Kynett ONE: Mobile version
Partly due to the smart design, the handy case and a weight of only 5 kg, the Kynett ONE is easy to carry and hang. Inside, outside, at home, in the gym or on the road; flywheel training is possible anywhere with the Kynett ONE. The Kynett ONE takes up little space and can also be attached to the wall by ordering a separate wall bracket. Training can take place at a fixed location, ideal for physiotherapists, for example. Training with the Kynett ONE can be expanded with a squat plate with which, among more exercises for the legs can be done. Shop the Kynett ONE here


Kynett PRO: Easy to adjust
The Kynett PRO is made of durable and sturdy materials and comes with a solid wall adjust. Because the Kynett PRO is adjustable in different heights, the possibilities are endless. With this innovative way of training, all muscle groups can be trained, needing less than 1,5 square meter of space! Shop the Kynett PRO here


Kynett ULTIMATE: Complete training station
With this wall setup all exercises can be done and you can quickly switch between upper and lower body. Advantages of this training station are that squat plate is no longer needed, heavier weights can be used for training, it is easily adjustable in height and resistance and comes with 1 set of resistance discs, a harness, a tricepsrope, an ankle strap and a set of two crossfit hands. Shop the Kynett ULTIMATE here